Generation to generation of providing supreme craftsmanship from one of Britain’s leading handcrafted kitchens and furniture brand.


Emulating Elegance Since 1978

The Chalon family founded the kitchen company we know today as an antique restoration business in 1978. In 1981, the business was moved to the Old Hambridge Mill, at Hambridge, in the midst of the Somerset Levels (in South West England). Michael and Rose Chalon began producing furniture designed to emulate the classic elegance of 18th and 19th Century English furniture.

Bold and Unique

Their bold and open styling was complemented by a unique paint effect developed to provide a distressed finish as if each piece had naturally aged in an English country house.

An evolving portfolio

Today, our craftsmen continue to develop and evolve the Chalon portfolio. Predominantly English in style, our designs have been flavoured by particular influences from France, Scandinavia and Ireland to develop a distinctive house style.

Our History


The Chalon Family, a local family from Somerset start their antique restoration business.


The Chalon business is moved to its current, distinctive home: The Old Hambridge Mill, in Hambridge, Somerset.


The unique Chalon painting, polishing and finishing process is perfected – some 40 years later, this is still often copied, but never emulated.


Chalon employ local craftsmen and the finest quality materials, moving their focus from antique furniture into kitchens.


As the company grows and starts to make a name for itself at the quality end of the kitchen market, their handcrafted ethos is maintained.


Whilst kitchens start to become the significant part of their portfolio, Chalon’s distinctive freestanding, heritage pieces of furniture remain in demand.


Chalon’s distressed paint effect becomes an ever popular choice, providing new pieces of furniture with an aged appearance so as to blend in with a client’s existing furniture.

The company’s flagship King’s Road, London showroom is opened.


The Chalon freestanding kitchen concept is cemented, highlighting the company’s unique position in the kitchen market.


This freestanding concept is often accentuated by the choice of different paint colours around the kitchen. A mix of painted and polished finishes is another Chalon hallmark.


Throughout the 1990s, colour choices were dominated by darker, period colours – some of the distinctive Chalon greens were popular around this point


Chalon kitchens are made to order and can easily be adapted to fit the requirements of any particular room.

The company opens its Head Office showroom in Hambridge, Somerset.


The company celebrates 30 years of handcrafting the best quality kitchens and furniture.


Chalon’s new Vintage colour palette is an instant hit, enjoying widespread demand and ensuring another exclusive addition to the paint range.


Chalon mixes all of their own paints – a selection of blues remain an important part of the colour palette.


Chalon celebrates it’s 40th Year


As part of an exciting new era for the company, Chalon opens its doors to an exclusive retailer distribution network, providing unprecedented access to the brand and its products.

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