Terms of Warranty

Form of Warranty:

Chalon provides a Limited Liability Warranty for each item of furniture for a period of 2 years from the date of delivery or practical completion (in the case of a kitchen), whichever is the latter.

Conditions for the Limited Warranty:

The original sales order document is required as proof of purchase.


The limited warranty does not apply to products that have been stored or assembled incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, misused, altered, or cleaned with wrong cleaning methods or wrong cleaning products. Please refer to Chalon’s After Care instructions.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, cuts or scratches, or damage caused by impacts or accidents. For example, waste bin lids or drawers damaged by overloading are not covered by this warranty.

The warranty does not apply if products have been placed outdoors or in a humid environment or if the products have been used for non-domestic purposes. Paintwork exposed to direct sunlight cold and heat will age prematurely and is excluded from this warranty. The warranty does not cover consequential or incidental damages.

(For customers in the US only: some states do not allow the limitation or exclusion of incidental or consequential damage, so this limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. The warranties are to the benefit of the original purchaser of the product. They are not transferable).

Care Instructions:

To comply with this limited warranty you need to follow the specific care instructions for every product. Please refer to Chalon’s Care Guide.

General Legal Rights:

This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights. This limited warranty does not, in any way, affect the rights given to you by law.

Categories of Warranty

Mainland UK terms for installed products:
In respect of Chalon installed products, we will repair or replace defective items on site. (This might involve having to take the item off site or provide a replacement, including collection and re-delivery).
All repairs are guaranteed up to the two year warranty or 60 days whichever is the latter.
Supply only products and items supplied outside of Mainland UK: the warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective part. If delivery or installation has not been provided by Chalon, it is the customer’s responsibility to arrange for return of the defective item.
3rd party products not manufactured by Chalon. These are covered by the respective manufacturers’ warranty terms, which may be limited to replacement parts only.

Warranty Limitations:

Chalon reserves the right to charge for parts where warranty has been invalidated.

In respect of a client using their own appliances, Chalon reserves the right to charge to carry out some aspects of warranty work or refit appliances.

Repairs to non-structural defects will be limited to refinishing paintwork in the affected area.

In the event a non-standard paint finish is used, the warranty is limited to the furniture and its structural integrity – Chalon does not accept responsibility for the performance of paints or finishes provided by third party suppliers.

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