Widely recognised as the finest
quality kitchens available - we have been handcrafting
our exclusive designs for over 30 years

Bespoke design

By virtue of its distinctive freestanding concept, Chalon kitchens and furniture can be designed to perfectly blend in with its surroundings, reflecting the character of the home, whilst providing an easy, informal style.

Complimentary kitchen design consultations form one of the key parts of the Chalon showroom experience. Made to order and tailored to each client’s specific requirements, Chalon furniture is designed for the demands of modern living.

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Handcrafted in the UK

Using only the finest quality materials, our kitchens are made from premium grade wood (sourced responsibly) and handcrafted by a team of local cabinet-makers whose outstanding skills have been recognised by The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers’ Manufacturing Guild Mark.

The distinctive Chalon look is available for any room of the home – the quality of which can only be fully appreciated by visiting one of our showrooms or a tour of our workshops.

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Unique Finishing Style

One of the key features of the distinctive Chalon look lies in the use of our unique painted and polished finishes. With many of these colours requiring as many as six individual processes applied by hand, this encapsulates the reason why Chalon kitchens, although sometimes copied, are never emulated.

Chalon’s colour palette now comprises more than seventy different painted and polished finishes, and each of these is also available in four different levels of distressing.

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