Paint Finishes

Premium quality grade timber is hand crafted by the company’s skilled cabinet-makers and rounded off with that distinctive and unrivalled Chalon finishing style, bringing an exclusive flavour to your next project.

One of the key features of the characteristic Chalon look lies in our confidence with the use of our unique painted and polished finished. With many of these colours requiring as many as six individual processes applied by hand, this encapsulates the reason why Chalon kitchens, although sometimes copied, are never equalled.

Our colour palette comprises more than 70 different painted and polished finishes, each of these being available in 4 different levels of distressing – our special aged paint effect.

Combining different colours in the kitchen, as well as different worktop materials, helps accentuate the Chalon freestanding style. Chalon is always adding to its unique range of finishes and typically launches new colours each year for Spring and Autumn/Winter.

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The finishing process is all completed by hand with a number of different layers and processes applied. Firstly, the unfinished furniture is covered with stain to form a base coat, then up to two coats of the specified paint are applied. This gives an even base from which the other processes can be carried out. A further two layers of paint are then applied by hand with a thickening agent which can be seen in the brush strokes. Then a white ‘smoking’ is added in order for it to be taken off with a scourer and water.

Finally, the furniture is given a layer of tinted wax to complete the effect.

Paint distressing is very difficult to achieve successfully and is a Chalon hallmark. This process lends itself better to some colours than others. To achieve level 4 distressing, the furniture piece is distressed before painting as well as having the paint distressed on top. This level of distressing needs a great deal of additional work and is very time consuming – a surcharge is therefore required.

Due to the human element of the process, every piece of furniture will appear different – this is the very essence of handmade, hand painted furniture. It is something we remain proud of and a characteristic of our products we will always look to protect.

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