Within the kitchen market place Chalon holds the enviable position of having
a very recognisable style and product.


Prices range from £25,000- £30,000

With any compact area, the challenge of the design is to maximise the use of the available space without compromising the integrity and functionality of the kitchen environment. The 4 key Chalon pieces can be combined together where space is at a premium.

Ovens, hobs, fridges, freezers, dishwashers and microwaves are all easily integrated into our furniture.


Prices range from £30,000- £50,000

Along with the aesthetic appeal and build quality that is a feature of all Chalon furniture, flexibility is another key aspect. Our expert designers can blend Chalon pieces in endless combinations to ensure your kitchen meets the demands of today’s modern living.

The size of your kitchen is not important to us. Our aim is to create outstanding designs that allow you to use your kitchen in the right way. We are always guided by the principles that every kitchen must easily provide furniture for food storage, preparation, cooking and cleaning.


Prices range from £50,000- £100,000

Chalon is well used to designing, producing and successfully managing exceptional projects of this scale.

Our aim is to work seamlessly with each project’s own build team, in line with their scope and timeframe. Kitchen furniture, appliances, granite worktops, delivery and installation – each element of a successful project will be managed through to completion.