Everyone knows about Chalon’s Original freestanding kitchen range.
However, this year we are promoting our new ‘Chalon Designer Collection’

Created as an alternative to the traditional Chalon kitchen, the Designer Range is specifically designed for those with limited or constrained spaces. This range can either give a more fitted look or keep the freestanding appearance with a clever use of breakfronts and legs.

Retaining our core handmade principles throughout, the Designer Collection has an adaptable style that allows us to choose elements from our Original Range such as the unique finishes and traditional joining techniques, and combine them with this cabinetry.

Crafted from solid wood, flexibility is the hallmark of this kitchen range with either plain shaker doors for a contemporary look and feel, or more detailed doors for a traditional county kitchen. Function is taken care of by the expert integration of appliances and a broad selection of cupboard and shelf space.

However, with its simpler styling and minimal look, it can cost between 20 and 25% less than a Chalon Original Kitchen with prices starting from £25K.