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The Hambridge showroom has just had a revamp!

One of our display kitchens has been repainted from polished pine to Artichoke green, reflecting the 2016 trend for green kitchens as well as the mix of painted and polished units in one room. The painted finish bounces light around the room making it feel spacious and clean. The re-furbished teak top gleams with its fresh coat of linseed oil and the showroom feels fresh and airy. Why not pop in for a look?

A Neater Finish

In the workshops, Chalon is looking at making manufacturing more efficient by making the units out of multiple components.  In this way it enables several craftsmen to work on any one piece at the same time.  It also eliminates the need to ‘mask’ off painted areas ensuring a crisper finishing line between the paint and the polish.

Great things come in little Packages

Chalon is developing new construction techniques to be able to make large uncompromised furniture, but keeping the design practical for installation.  Historically each item of furniture was made as one solid block, however, due to the nature of modern properties and health and safety regulations, this is no longer practical.  We are developing new ways of breaking down each item of furniture into manageable blocks to assemble on site whilst maintaining our unique Chalon look.

Marriage of a Chalon Traditional Kitchen with the Designer Collection

This recently installed Chalon kitchen illustrates image illustrates the marriage between our Chalon original range and the Designer collection
Prior to contacting Chalon, the customer had travelled around numerous kitchen showrooms and was left having to make compromises both in quality and design.
Senior designer Kalpana Pitrola, from the Chelsea Showroom, worked closely with the client who had a very specific brief.
Kalpana interpreted the client’s vision of her ideal kitchen from the information on her mood and sample boards, whilst keeping within the budget.
The addition of a bottom rail to the base cupboards gives the appearance of freestanding furniture whilst the high level of finish to both the exterior and interior make the Chalon Designer range difficult to distinguish from the more traditional original furniture, whilst maintaining a fitted look.
The Chalon Freestanding Original worktable complemented the look and introduced a social element to the design
The final brief complete with colour and finishes ,the client could then add her own personal touches, such as light fittings ,open shelving and accessories to make her dream kitchen a perfect space to live and entertain.